Basic & Improvers Snowshoe Training

Lodge Krippenstein, Simonyhütte

Sa. 11.03.2023 - Fr. 17.03.2023

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Code: BSE23wk05
Safe ascent and descent with snowshoes in moderate and more difficult terrain! For members with summer mountain fitness who are new to snowshoeing or have already some basic snowshoe experience. You receive instructions in the use of the equipment, safe ascending and descending with snowshoes in moderate and more difficult terrain, avalanche awareness and transceiver work, as well as search and rescue techniques and to plan independent snowshoe tours.

The following is a typical schedule with the guide fine tuning the plan according to the prevailing weather conditions and accommodation in the experience of the group:
DAY 1: Meeting at 03:00 in Obertraun (bus or train from Salzburg) at the valley station of the Obertraun-Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car. There you can also rent the safety equipment at the Sport 2000 Dachsteinsport Janu. Hire of snowshoes is also possible directly at the Lodge Krippenstein. With the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car to Lodge Krippenstein (3 mins walk from top station). After dinner: Preview of the activities for the week.
DAY 2: Introduction to standard equipment for snowshoeing.Training tour - technique for walking uphill, learning about slope angle and snow types, how to use avalanche emergency equipment: transceiver search, probing, shovel strategy. Planning the next day.
DAY 3: The guide adjusts the booked equipment (transceiver, probe and shovel). Training tour refreshing technique for walking uphill, downhill, traverse, learning about elements of the avalanche status report (LLB) and its interpretation, repeating the use of avalanche emergency equipment, navigation on tour (map). Reflections on the day.
DAY 4 - 6: Training snowshoe tours encouraging independent decision-making and implementation on tour including planning, estimation of the terrain, lane setting, navigation with map, compass and altimeter, smartphone with app. Stop or go and emergency avalanche procedure on tour (current evaluation and exercises, group searching, simple and complex searching scenarios, multiple burying). Improving shovel technique, first aid, emergency call, bivouac sack, improving walking technique, specially downhill (sliding and running). Group dynamics in the mountain. Reflections on the day.
DAY 7: Farewell after breakfast. The guide will bring you down by the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car to Obertraun.

In the evenings there will be theoretical units on safety issues: weather, Stop or Go, emergency avalanche, navigation, app.

During this course you will stay 2 nights at the Lodge Krippenstein, after that 3 nights at the Simonyhütte and the last night you will spend again at the Lodge Krippenstein.

Photocredit: Andreas Roebl
How to use avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, shovel, probe)
Expanding orientation with map, alpine weather
Avalanche awareness and avoidance Stop or go strategy
Avalanche emergency and first aid
Route choice and finding
How to plan a snowshoe tour
Improvement of snowshoe technique in various snow conditions
18 years of age. Free from mental and physical handicap. Fitness to hike 800 meters in altitude with your backpack (about 6 kg). New to snowshoe, or completion of the basic snowshoe training or corresponding knowledge
Min. Teilnehmeranzahl
Max. Teilnehmeranzahl
Max. Teilnehmer / Guide
Maximal 8 Teilnehmer*innen pro Guide.
Grund der Absage
Services Included:
Accommodation for 3 nights at the Lodge-Krippenstein in shared rooms
Accommodation for 3 nights at Simonyhütte in shared rooms
Halfboard (breakfast and dinner)
English speaking instructor from the Bergsteigerschule Alpenverein Edelweiss

Services not included:
international Flights
additional meals and beverages
personal expenses
cable cars or chairlifts
travel insurance
Safety equipment (transceiver, probe, shovel)
Snowshoe rental
€ 1.390,00   Normalpreis
€ 1.290,00   Preis für ÖAV-Mitglieder
Mo. 09.01.2023  

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